Should I Buy a Vehicle from this Model Year or Last?

If you’re trying to upgrade your vehicle to something new, you’ve likely thought of ways to save money in the process. One of the most popular ways is to wait for great sales, and most of those happen at the end of the model year. However there are also perks to buying the newest model soon after it comes out. Keep reading to learn more about which option is most beneficial to you.

End-of-Model-Year Vehicles Are Priced to Move

The main perk of buying a vehicle at the end of the model year is pretty obvious. It’s all over the radio, newspaper and TV — the incredible deals. Dealers often offer some of their best deals of the year on end-of-model-year vehicles. Whether it’s 0% financing or cash back options, incentives are not hard to find. From a financial standpoint, it may be the best opportunity to drive away in a new car, truck or SUV.

Consider How Long You Plan to Own the Vehicle

Buying what is essentially last year’s model may not be for you if you don’t plan to keep your vehicle for a longer timeframe. If you get a new car, truck or SUV every few years, you’d probably be better off purchasing the newest model for its increased trade-in value in the short term. If you plan to keep that vehicle for five or more years, however, the difference in those values becomes less significant. In that case, you should seriously consider the end-of-model-year vehicle.

When Only the Latest and Greatest Will Do

Whether it’s cutting-edge technology or enhanced engine performance, some customers prefer to drive the latest, newest version of a vehicle. So while you can get great specials on this year’s model, if you’re the type who likes the hottest features and latest style, the newer model probably has the edge when comparing the two side by side. That said, some vehicles change very little from one year to the next and even those few differences can be subtle. So when choosing between this year’s model and next year’s model, talk to a sales professionals at Miracle Miracle Nissan of Augusta to determine what has changed, and then decide if those updates or enhancements are important to you.

If you’re interested in learning more about the benefits of buying a vehicle at end of model year, visit Miracle Miracle Nissan of Augusta at 3300 Washington Road, Martinez, GA 30907. We have a large selection of this year’s models, as well as next year’s models, on our lot. And if you’re in Augusta, Evans, Grovetown and throughout the CSRA, we can help you choose the perfect brand-new vehicle for your particular situation.